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Moscow Plant for Special Alloys (MZSS)

Location: 31 Ul. Obrucheva, Moscow 117246 (55o39’14”N 37o32’00”E)

Moscow Special Alloys Processing Plant is a major supplier of gold products for the jewelry, electronics, and decorative industries in Russia. MZSS manufactures London Good Delivery 400 oz gold bars and an array of smaller cast and minted bars.

Moscow Plant for Special Alloys was the largest producer in the Former Soviet Union of jewelry alloys which were then sold to Russia’s Mint, jewelry fabricators, and electronic industries.

MZSS obtained pure gold (99.99%) from the State Depository (GOKHRAN) and by melting with alloying metals produced 12, 14, and 18-carat alloys.

Considering the large volume of precious metals used and the strict government regulations on minimum gold contents in carat gold, there was a great need for accurate analyses with verification by cross-referencing between different analytical techniques.

Intertech designed and delivered an analytical system that included Atomic Absorption, ICP, Spark, and DC-Arc Spectrometers to verify the results by multiple techniques. The instruments were manufactured by Thermo Jarrell Ash Corporation.